NatéoSanté has created EOLIS Air Manager: a professional air purifier and the only intelligent filtration system, eco-designed, connected and manufactured in France.


Professional air purifier technology for your health


EOLIS Air Manager is 99.6% effective against coronaviruses

Tests carried out by a French reference laboratory

Tests carried out by an independent microbiology reference laboratory have shown that the EOLIS Air Manager air purifier eliminates 99.6% of the coronavirus present in the air after only ten minutes of operation.


EOLIS Air Manager is composed of an exclusive and smart filtration system

Medical grade filters for custom filtration

Depending on the pollutants, viruses, environments… a solution for each professionnal need

EOLIS Air Manager incorporates an exclusive filtration system, which, combined with the power of its turbine, guarantees optimal air treatment. The air purifier’s filters are individually tested and certified as medical grade (EN 1822-4):

  • HEPA H13 or ULPA U15 filter, to capture micro-particles as well as viruses (including those of a size equivalent to the coronavirus responsible for Covid-19)
  • Very high density activated carbon filter

Our French filter unit ensures the elimination of 99.99% of fine particles (PM10, PM2.5) and 99.97% of odours, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), dust, bacteria, smoke, gases, etc.


The EOLIS Air Manager has an exclusive deep clean treatment with active oxygen

Deep Clean feature with active oxygen

Purifies indoor air thoroughly

This function (which can be activated/deactivated) allows Active Oxygen (O3) to be generated in a controlled manner to provide a deep treatment. This powerful natural agent eliminates the most stubborn odours that can be embedded in textiles or carpets, dust mites, moulds, fungi, etc.

EOLIS Air Manager is a powerful air purifier that effectively eliminates all sources of indoor air pollution

Intuitive display for easy operation

Real-time monitoring of indoor air quality

The EOLIS Air Manager’s touch screen allows you to monitor the indoor air quality of the room where it is installed in real time:

  • Indicators measuring the indoor air pollution rate (VOCs and PM2.5)
  • An actual filter wear indicator to apprise you of the filter unit’s saturation level
  • Settings to easily activate/deactivate the various functions available: scheduler (programmed hourly and daily operation), UV-C lamp and oxidation filter, active oxygen (Mode 1 and Deep Clean 60 minutes), etc.
NatéoSanté monitoring system allows you to control the IAQ of your various EOLIS Air Manager in real time

Exclusive remote monitoring system

Centralised multi-site management

  • Real-time visualisation of operational status and indoor air quality of an installation via a dedicated and secure platform
  • Remote and multi-site management from a single screen (computer or mobile)
  • Instant email alerts when maintenance is required
  • Verification of the actual wear of the filters of each EOLIS Air Manager and anticipation of replacements being required
  • Controllable either by your team(s) or your NatéoSanté dealer
  • Real-time communication with the public and users (employees, patients, customers, etc.) possible. E.g.: screen in waiting room(s), reception hall(s) or meeting room(s)
The EOLIS Air Manager air purifier has been eco-designed to lower its environmental impact

An environmentally friendly professional air purifier

Eco-design, safety and low energy consumption

EOLIS Air Manager is eco-designed, which means that it respects sustainable development principles throughout its life cycle. Moreover, its use has no negative impact on health and the environment (proven benign operation), as well as low energy consumption, which can be optimised thanks to Activ’ mode (an intelligent operating mode allowing speed adaptation according to the levels of pollutants detected).

EOLIS Air Manager is silent and quiet


EOLIS Air Manager purifies the air whilst keeping noise levels very low so that it can operate discreetly whilst you work.

EOLIS Air Manager is a design air purifier that matches all environments


EOLIS Air Manager has been granted an award by the “Observeur du Design” for its innovative design.

EOLIS Air Manager can be customized to better suit your needs and environment


Choose the colour of your EOLIS Air Manager for an air purifier that reflects your company’s image

A professional air purifier for every profession

Find out about our solutions that effectively combat indoor air pollution and protect patients, customers and employees.

Hospitality / Catering

Within the first few seconds of arrival, an establishment’s image depends on several elements including the olfactory atmosphere. Explore our solutions for eliminating stubborn bad odours (stale odours, cooking, cigarettes, old tobacco, etc.) and purifying the indoor air of all pollutants in order to ensure a good first impression by your clientele, to greet them under optimal conditions and thereby encourage their loyalty.


Enhance your sanitation system and provide your customers with the best possible welcome and experience.

Restaurants / Bars / Cafés

Guarantee optimal conditions for reception area(s) conditions and a  relaxing experience for your restaurant , bar, or cafés customers by providing them with




Air quality in offices, open spaces, meeting rooms or break rooms can be as much a health issue as a Quality of Working Life issue. Discover our versatile professional air purifiers adapted to all your needs.

Shops / Cultural venues

Since their reopening, shops and cultural venues have been subject to strict health protocols in the current context of the Covid-19 pandemic. They must be able to welcome and reassure the public in a safe environment, where the air is purified. NatéoSanté offers a complete range of solutions to improve the quality of the indoor air in your

Communities / Nurseries / Schools

Children are amongst the most sensitive subjects regarding indoor air quality, as their immune and respiratory systems are still in full development. This is why IAQ monitoring has now been mandatory since January 1st, 2018 (decree n°2011-1728) in establishments open to the public or (Establishments Receiving the Public: ERP), including nursery and primary schools as well as day care centres. Explore the NatéoSanté professional air purifier range to help you improve this IAQ and protect students and staff.

Hair / Beauty

There are many indoor sources of pollution in beauty institutes, hair salons, etc. This means that hair and beauty professionals put their health at risk on a daily basis, making them vulnerable to air pollution-related occupational diseases, such as asthma, respiratory disease, etc. Thanks to its range of professional air purifers, NatéoSanté offers you solutions to effectively remove air pollutants from your salon or institute.

Hygiene / Cleanliness

Companies in the hygiene and cleaning sector must offer their customers impeccable services. This also includes the air inside the premises. NatéoSanté offers you solutions to purify the air and complete your hygiene / cleanliness offer.

Health / Medical

Healthy air is of utmost importance in healthcare facilities, where many patients are in constant contact with each other. It is important to protect them and the nursing staff, while preventing the spread of viruses and bacteria. Discover our professional indoor air purifiers that meet your expectations.